Library Board of Trustees

Library Board Members

Tara Baker, President
2nd Term Expires 2025

Kellye Wader, Vice-President
1st Term Expires 2025

Pam Horine, Secretary
1st Term Expires 2024

Merissa Price, Treasurer
1st Term Expires 2025

Dani Jones
1st Term Expires 2023

Kim Parks
1st Term Expires 2026

Beth Brenneman 
1st Term Expires 2024

Debbie Wallace
1st Term Expires 2024

Katie Forsythe
1st Term Expires 2023

Sherie McCoy, Carrollton City Liaison

[Ord. No. 935-2 § 4, 10-2-2000]

That the Carrollton Public Library shall be under the direction, control and management of a Board of Trustees consisting of nine (9) members to be chosen from the citizens of the Town of Carrollton, at large, with reference to their fitness and for such office; and no members of the municipal government shall be a member of said Board.

[Ord. No. 935-2 § 5, 10-2-2000]

That the members of the Board of Trustees shall be a politically non-partisan board appointed by the Council of the Town of Carrollton; they shall hold office for a term of three (3) years each, or until their successors are appointed and qualified; with each member given the privilege of re-appointment subject to the approval of the Town Council for a consecutive three-year term. Thereafter, that person shall not serve until the expiration of a period of three (3) years whereupon said person may be re-appointed to the Board. The Council may remove any trustee for misconduct or negligence of duty.

[Ord. No. 935-2 § 6, 10-2-2000Ord. No. 2020-13559-8-2020]

Vacancies in the Board of Trustees occasioned by removal, resignation, death or otherwise, shall be reported to the Council and be filled in like manner as original appointments. Any person appointed by the Council to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the term to which his/her predecessor was appointed. Any person appointed to fill a vacancy may, at the expiration of the unexpired term appointment, be reappointed for up to two (2) consecutive three-year terms, unless the expired term filled was for one-half (1/2) or more of a term, in which case the reappointment is limited to one (1) three-year term. After a person has served his/her maximum permitted consecutive terms, then the person may not be reappointed to the board until a full board term has expired.

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