For genealogy inquires, please email or to reach Glen Hill, the library's resident genealogist.

Phone requests at 660-542-0183

Genealogical research is a very popular hobby and it is not uncommon for us to have out of state researchers visiting our library.  The Carrollton Public Library has a genealogy research room in the main library.  The genealogy room is in honor of Anne Leigh Bailey, a former library board president.  Her son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Pat Bailey, made this donation to the building project in her memory in 2004.  Our collection contains an extensive amount of reference items that are uniquely Carroll County, MO and are handy in tracing one's family lineage.  This room houses local history books, local family histories, county marriage records, county cemetery records, obituaries in alphabetical and chronological order, area newspapers on microfilm dating from 1864, county census records from 1830 - 1930, and miscellaneous states and Missouri county books. We also house the probate records from the Carroll County Courthouse from 1830's to 1950's.  An internet access computer with a genealogy database and a new microfilm viewer/printer are available for patrons use.  Follow this link for a partial listing of our genealogy's resources and  information that is available for sale and/or photocopy.  Please inquire at the circulation desk for publication pricing and/or photocopying charges.

The library is fortunate to have great partnerships with the Carroll County Genealogical Association and the Carroll County Historical Society.  The Carroll County Genealogical Association houses their records and materials in this room for our patrons to access.  The organization meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at the library and several of their members donate time and materials to this area.  The library is a vendor for their publications and hosts the group's Christmas Store during December for holiday sales in the main library.

Genealogy research from the Library's resources can be handled in several different ways.  First, the Genealogy Room is open during the normal business hours of the library from 9 - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, open late on Wednesday evenings until 8 pm.  Saturday hours include 9 am - 1 pm and Sunday from 1 - 5 pm.  For those wanted to stop by and have assistance while you are visiting, please call the library (660.542.0183) or email the Library Director ( or Glen Hill, Jr ( to let us know when you are planning your visit to better accommodate you.

More ways to handle your genealogy requests are to make your request by email or phone call to the Library Director or to Glen Hill, Jr.  Glen, a retired veteran and farmer, who offers his services, knowledge and skills to the library for the benefit of the Genealogy Room.  He is a library volunteer and does work most mornings in the Genealogy Room to help the library patrons and genealogy researchers to share his passion for history and family.

As a standard policy, the Library does charge for genealogy research and information.  Standard rates for research is $10.00 per hour, divided into 15 minute increments and charges for photocoping of .20/page and postage reimbursement if the request is handled by mail.  For those using advanced technology, the library does offer scanning and emailing resources for the charge of $10.00 per hours, divided in to 15 minute increments for library staff time that is used to process these requests.